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Research Precision Instruments

With great equipment comes great responsibility – that’s where training comes in.


RPI is proud to provide some of the most feature-filled equipment in the industry. Our guided training ensures that users can work with confidence – utilizing all features while ensuring the longevity of the system or single item.




The RPI training process begins at the earliest stage: the purchase. With each product shipment, we include suggestions and guidance via email. For local labs and institutions, RPI can coordinate an in-person visit for delivery and installation.


Backed by over 25 years of real world, laboratory-proven experience, our training techniques are extracted from a range of sources including product engineers, technical support staff, and end-user researchers.


This varied input has led to a focus on increasing user familiarity through short, focused training sessions. Users can expect to gain an entire toolkit for the management and maintenance of systems and items.


In the lab, our experience has shown that accuracy and innovation begin with confidence. RPI takes critical steps to ensure comfort and security with equipment, data, and software.

An Individualized Perspective


Apart from a broad base of experience, our training stands out in another way: custom solutions.


Unlike bigger corporate equipment providers, RPI is rooted in a dedication to service, communication, and, of course, proper training. This means that emails are answered, calls are returned, and the specific needs of your lab take center stage.


We understand that every lab is different. At every stage of the research process –data collection, storage, and management—RPI stands ready to provide custom solutions with a personal touch.



Combining RPI’s expertly crafted equipment and equally crafted training has a powerful result: a healthy research environment.  


From highly complex live cell imaging and neuroscience equipment to base-model microscopes, our approach to design and education leads to new pathways, new methodologies, and above all, innovation.


With a personal touch that is truly unique within the industry, RPI is pleased to serve the design, installation, and training needs of laboratories, big and small.


To get started with a training consultation, contact RPI.

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